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A ship that in a matter of six or so episodes has totally taken over my life.

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Sebastian Smythe x Santana Lopez:

Sebastian Smythe x Kurt Hummel:

Sebastian Smythe x Dave Karofsky:

Dave Karofsky x Sam Evans:

Noah Puckerman x Kurt Hummel:

Noah Puckerman x Rachel Berry:

I’m curious, would anyone be interested in making a St. Berry centered RP group with me? 

Have some random OCs as NYADA students, maybe add Kurt and Blaine and Quinn? Anyone interested in modding with me? I’ve seen a lot of NY based RPs, but none with St. Berry at the center.

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Send me prompts, I’m bored. 

  • St. Berry
  • Puckleberry
  • Faberry
  • Klaine
  • Karovans (Dave Karofsky x Sam Evans)
  • Seblaine
  • Sekurt
  • Kurtofsky
  • Puckurt
  • Blainofsky
  • Sebtana

Episode One of A New Direction 



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Pretty sure I’ve already reblogged this before, but if you have not tried it yet, do it! It’s getting good (St. Berry wise), sweet (Klaine wise), and even a bit rocky (Brittana wise). 

Episode One of A New Direction 



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READ IT! It’s really, really good! Not much St. Berry in the first chapter, but still so worth it!



Not shipping Finchel since 2009. 

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“Why can’t I have something in my life that’s…special. That means something.”

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Look! Kurt even knew that wasn’t cool! He immediatly looks to Rachel for her reaction and all she does is start singing about how she can’t live without Dimm Hudson!

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