St. Berry Only

St. Berry Thoughts

A ship that in a matter of six or so episodes has totally taken over my life.

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Faberry | Sebtana

I’m curious, would anyone be interested in making a St. Berry centered RP group with me? 

Have some random OCs as NYADA students, maybe add Kurt and Blaine and Quinn? Anyone interested in modding with me? I’ve seen a lot of NY based RPs, but none with St. Berry at the center.

St. James Return 

Rumor has it Jesse St. James is set to return as VA’s new coach…ND, you’re even more screwed then usual.


I’ve gotten questions from some people in the past about the spin-off rumors, A New Direction, with Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine in New York. RIB better be careful if he does decide to do that, because those ratings would sky rocket, and Glee ratings would plummet. Unless, Finn happens to make it to New York too. No. Then I would not watch it. The main shippings should be St. Berry, Klaine, and possibly Brittana (because I could see them in NY too).